Shelsley May 31st / June 1st 2008 Results

Shelsley Saturday 31st May / Sunday 1st June 2008

A second Class win of the season at Shelsley

What a contrast to our first visit to Shelsley this year. The forecast for practice day was hot and sunny and so it proved. We made sure we arrived in time to be in the first 30 to sign on to take advantage of three practice runs each. The engine had a slight misfire during first practice so I contacted Keith Murray at Dialynx who quickly drove up with new plugs/coils which cured the problem. We each took two more runs in late afternoon. I managed a 30sec run but hit the bank at Top S. Fen did a 32.56, a PB so a good sign for the next day. On my last run I thought the engine misfire had come back until I realized I had not topped up the fuel Ė a useful reminder!

Sunday was cloudy and with rain possible we needed to be committed on first runs. This time it was Fenís turn to clip a bank and she was a bit disappointed with her time of 33.06, despite this being an official PB. I did a 29.96 which proved enough for the class win but I was not sure the car was handling quite right. Fen was, however, delighted with her second run of 32.03, another PB. I hoped to get closer to my class record with my second run but broke a half shaft on the line so it was not to be.

Download and view a great movie of Roger going up the hill, courtesy of Brayspeed and Motors TV (17.8MB)