Prescott June 28th / 29th 2008 Results

Prescott Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th June 2008

Another Class win but it was close!

Our first time at Prescott in the Audi this year and we were pleased to have a dry practice day. Fen was feeling pretty ropey with an unknown virus and hoped for an uneventful day which was not quite how it turned out. Our first runs were OK but not really on the pace, reflecting the lack of practice here in the Audi. My second run nearly ended in disaster as the rear suspension broke approaching the Ss and I was very lucky not to hit the bank. We quickly removed both rear suspension mounts and headed for Dialynx, diverting Keith from a family trip to the cinema sorry kids! We managed to get it fixed and were back at Prescott in time for me to take my 3rd practice and confirm that the repair was fine. But I was still not sure the car was handling as well as last season and when I checked the suspension settings I realized they were still on wet settings from last season no wonder it felt out of sorts going round corners!

Feeling more confident with the suspension reset we looked forward to Sunday. Despite a gloomy forecast the weather stayed basically dry all day. We both had good first runs. Fen did 49.55 to set another PB. I did 45.6, just outside my class record of 45.37 to lead the class but aware that Rob was going well. Our second runs were done, unexpectedly, before lunch (sorry to friends who had come specifically to see us run in the afternoon as programmed). Fen went first and carried a bit too much speed after Pardon, doing an artistic pirouette in the Ss. Amazingly, given how narrow the track is there, she hit nothing and, although giving me a worrying few minutes until she appeared back in the paddock, was none the worse from the experience but obviously didnt improve on her earlier time. I was also a little slower than my first run but still got the class win by 0.08s from Rob Harriman good battle mate!