Shelsley Walsh 2nd/3rd June 2007 Results

SHELSLEY WALSH Saturday 2nd /Sunday 3rd June 2007

(In tribute to Rob Large, friend and photographer, who lost his struggle against cancer today)

Took another record? - Oh yes we slaughtered it!

Right up to the weekend the weather forecast had looked decidedly dodgy with widespread rain predicted. How wrong could they be! Saturday was a lovely hot sunny day, Sunday cloudier but fine and warm.

The entire surface at Shelsley Walsh was resurfaced in April and initial reports were that the new surface looked and felt very grippy.

Well what a weekend... I went out for the first practice Saturday morning and arrived at the top of the hill just over 30 seconds later - under the existing record but with ;a huge cloud of smoke behind and in the car... Thankfully it was only the front crank seal and 3 hours later after a trip by Keith to his unit at Dialynx Performance we were up and running again. Fen slotted in a good first time too so we knew we'd at least both 'qualified' for the following day. Both of us then took our second runs posting personal best times with mine in the 29's for the first time.

Sunday morning came and off we went. Fen was due to go first but due to a last minute programme change I was in the hot seat to start the day. 29.46 seconds later we had the record! Video clips follow:

Keepers through to bottom S:

Crossing to Finish Line with time displayed:

Fen followed with a 34.16 - a new personal best too! We both crossed the line at over 113 mph and Fen had a real struggle to stop the car in the short braking zone at the top of the hill - one or two marshalls were seen to move swiftly to one side!

Mid afternoon and the weather was still holding and off we went again.. I was first up and recorded 29.16 another new record. Fen missed a gear off the line on her second run so couldn't improve on her morning's time recording 34.39 seconds.

Oh yes - almost forgot - I recorded the best start of the day too for the whole meeting - just 1.77 seconds to cover the first 64 feet...!

So there we are - 3 events and 3 class records - fantastic!

Thanks to Stephan Lewen for the pictures below:

Off the line for a record run:

Done it!: