Loton Park 9th/10th June 2007 Results

Loton Park Saturday 9th /Sunday 10th June 2007

A QUATTRO of records in the book...the ups and downs of motorsport

Yet again our luck held out with the weather and we were blessed with a hot dry weekend. The Saturday was very humid but the Sunday was a little less oppressive.

Saturday practice was dogged with gear selection problems which turned out to be linkage adjustment issues. We resolved these for the last runs of the afternoon and posted some good times including my last run at half a second under the record I set in April and Fen's at close to her PB.

Sunday was - well - a mixed day of fortune really. Fen's first run was hampered by poor gear selection causing her to have to abort the run and cruise up the hill in one gear. We made a quick adjustment before I went out and I managed to better my record with a 56.07 run. After further adjustments at lunchtime Fen then went out for her second run of the day. Despite a slow start from the line due to clutch problems, 61.47 seconds later Fen recorded a new personal best time! With a 'normal' start this would have been a sub 60 second run - so was a fantastic achievement.

I then jumped into the car knowing that I didn't need to go faster than the morning run as the record and class win were safely 'in the bag'. I had a good smooth run and eased off as planned after museum to cruise over the line - I couldn't believe I'd gone faster again - 55.84 seconds!

We now have a Quattro of records in the Quattro! 4 events, 4 class wins, 4 records.

Thanks again to Keith Murray of Dialynx Performance on site to help us through our woes and to Stephan for the photos below:

Fen into Triangle:

The Quattro award!: